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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be on the launch team?  

A launch team member is someone who is actively committed in all the preparations and prayers needed to launch Anthem Church.

Do I need to have ministry/church experience? 

Nope. In fact, we also need people with no church experience as well to understand the needs of all people.  Additionally, we will provide training to prepare you for your specific role.

Do I need to live in Middlesex County? 

Yes, is encouraged that you live in the region in order to be able to attend meetings, events and invest in the region.  Some roles however, such a graphic design or prayer team can be performed remotely.

When will Anthem launch officially for public worship? 

We will launch once we find a venue, Covid-19 restrictions allow for a safe public launch and the different ministry teams are trained.  We are currently looking to late 2020, early 2021.

Where will launch team meetings be held? 

For the time being, most meetings will be online.  In person gatherings will be organized on a per need basis.

Does the team meet for Sunday worship?

Regular Sunday worship will begin once we launch.  Our Sunday gatherings will focus on prayer, growing our faith, training and leadership development.  


Alignment:  Embrace the vision, mission and values of Anthem Church.  Build love and unity with other members and submit to the leadership of Anthem.  Have a positive and fun-loving attitude!

Commitment:  Launch team members are to actively participate in our Sunday learning community (teaching & training), outreach events and small groups (dinner parties, LIFE groups, etc.).   

Serve Faithfully:  We ask every team member to join a ministry team.  Anthem will provide ministry-team focused training and resources to promote team unity and excellence in all we do.  

Financial Contribution:  Planting a church is expensive and calls for communal generosity.  Reaching our goals will come through the generosity of a radically committed group of believers who invest in the vision.

Missional lifestyle:  More than ‘Sunday Christians’, Scripture calls us to see ourselves as ‘sent people’.  We ask our launch team to see themselves as missionaries and lovingly pursue redemptive relationships where they work, live and play.  

Over Communication:  Communication is the key to effective teamwork.  We ask our launch team to err on the side of over-communication, clarity and courtesy in tone.  Please check your emails, read newsletters and group communications!



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our launch team meetings are currently held online over Zoom, and consist of biblical and leadership training, breakout discussion groups, prayer and planning.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our launch team meetings are currently held online over Zoom, and consist of biblical and leadership training, along with brainstorming fresh ideas to love our region, prayer and planning.


We hold monthly outreach events to engage the people and communities in Middlesex County.  Events include Movies at the Park, Rutgers University outreach, partnerships with organizations such as Elijah's Promise, community Christmas parties, etc. Our goal in these outreaches is to be a blessing to the region and seek its flourishing, along with inviting interested families to join our launch team, and upon launch, our church.